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Capt. Atul Vatsa and

AVG Marine Partner with IMC!

We are delighted to announce a strategic alliance between Independent Maritime Consulting, LLC (IMC) and AV Global Marine Ltd (AVG) a Singapore based marine consultancy firm founded by Capt. Atul Vatsa.

This initiative will significantly benefit IMC’s clients by enhancing our capabilities and pooling resources.

Read our full announcement here.

A Sea Change in Maritime Medical Claims Management

IMC Mariner Medical management deals with claims efficiently, keeps costs low, and is entirely transparent.


Our professionals have produced stellar results for our P&I Club clients and their members, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We're going strong, and the wind is at our back. 

Why IMC Expanded Into Medical Claims Management

Recent research by some P&I clubs has shown that the combined number of P&I claims related to crew illnesses and injuries exceed every other claims category. The overall cost of such claims has been found to comprise 24-25% of the total claims paid.

Healthcare in the United States is exceedingly expensive and the costs are constantly increasing. Consequently, when mariners require medical attention in or near US ports, the costs of care to P&I Clubs and their members have proven expensive. Foreign mariners who are are treated at US medical centers typically receive very high invoices for the care they receive.

To assist with these claims and control those costs, a variety of medical claims services have entered the market. The vast majority of these service providers negotiate reductions in medical bills and retain a portion (typically 25%) of the savings they create for their clients. 

After years of working with many of the existing claims management providers, we determined that a better option was necessary for our clients. IMC believes ours is the most reasonable and transparent model.


We do not keep a portion of the savings we provide, but instead are paid hourly only for the services we provide. We are incentivized to intervene early and keep costs low rather than to earn substantial audit fees based on the "percentage of savings" model used by many other service providers. 

Our team's mariner-centric approach ensures that medical care is provided at the proper facilities and at the right rates, resulting in better care for mariners at lower cost. We maintain close contact with mariners while they are recovering and we work to make their lives as comfortable as possible in trying circumstances. When the time comes to get back to their vessel or be repatriated, we have everything covered for a safe and secure return.

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