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IMC Mariner Medical Management is noticeably different from our competitors for a variety of reasons, but what may stand out the most is the savings we produce for our clients. Our savings are so large because we are fair dealers who charge a simple and reasonable hourly rate.

Research shows that the combined number of P&I claims related to crew illnesses and injuries exceeds every other claims category. The overall cost of such claims has been found to comprise 24% – 25% of the total claims paid. The IMC team’s efficient, care-focused philosophy underpins a new “best practice” way to manage this significant exposure to P&I clubs and their members.


IMC Mariner Medical Management takes a holistic approach to crew care that better aligns appropriate care and cost outcomes.

Medical Invoice Review and Audit

Systematic, critically thought-through methods of examining invoices for medical treatment make IMC review and audit practices effective.

Payment Recommendation and Funding

When the IMC audit team is satisfied the best possible cost outcome has been achieved for its client, the team submits a payment recommendation, including copies of the invoices and appropriate medical records from medical service providers.

Saving money and resources for our clients is among our highest priorities, and we take our job seriously. Here are a few instances where we saved our clients an exceptional amount of money.

A Filipino Mariner Suffers from H1N1

A Filipino mariner with no prior medical history became severely ill while onboard and began to suffer respiratory failure. He was taken to a hospital in Florida where he tested positive for H1N1 (influenza) and pneumonia and exhibited a variety of life-threatening symptoms. Had the mariner not received immediate medical attention arranged and monitored by IMC-3M, he would likely have died within days. After a 17 day hospitalization, including 11 days in the ICU, the mariner was discharged and diagnosed as having suffered from 36 different illnesses. Due to the complexity of his treatment , the mariner’s medical records exceeded 2500 pages and 31 pages of medical codes were generated. The bills submitted by the hospital and various other service providers totaled $383,436


Through a careful audit of the medical records and invoices, and a zealous but collegial approach to negotiations, the IMC-3M team secured cost savings of $310,630 – or 81% - for our client.

Below is a representative sample of the results IMC achieves:

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