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A Tribute to IMC-3M's Front Line Medical Workers!

Lindsay Elliott, R.N. in Full PPE

As we, our clients, and industry friends around the world come to terms with the stark realities, both at home and at work, of the COVID-19 period, we feel it is very important to pause and express our heartfelt thanks to the numerous professionals working tirelessly to save lives and keep essential services running smoothly.

In particular, we are incredibly grateful for the healthcare professionals who risk their lives every day to provide essential medical services to the victims of the coronavirus.

Dr. Douglas Smith, who is the Medical Services Director of our Maritime Medical Management division, is also a highly experienced emergency medicine physician.

Dr. Douglas Smith Suited Up

Above and to the right are recently taken photos of Dr. Smith and Lindsay Elliott, R.N. in full PPE during a long shift tending to seriously ill patients in the hospital. Despite the strain and stress of working long hours in the emergency room, Dr. Smith never fails to find the time to provide timely expertise and support to our Mariner Medical Management Team and the clients we serve.

We all have huge respect and compassion for the mariners who also sacrifice so much to keep the vessels they operate running smoothly, and stand ready to assist them whenever they are in need of medical care.

We are blessed to have such a dedicated, courageous, compassionate and skilled physician on our team.

Thank you so much, Dr. Doug and Lindsay!


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