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Capt. Atul Vatsa and AVG Marine partner with IMC!

We are delighted to announce a strategic alliance between Independent Maritime Consulting, LLC (IMC) and AV Global Marine Pte Ltd (AVG) a Singapore based marine consultancy firm founded by Capt Atul Vatsa.

This initiative will significantly benefit IMC’s clients by enhancing our capabilities and pooling resources.

IMC and AVG share a common goal and philosophy. To provide high quality services to the maritime community, grounded in our core values of service excellence, reliability and integrity.

Established in 1998, IMC offers the maritime industry a broad range of services, including Technical and survey, commercial claims handling, legal consulting, regulatory compliance and mariner medical management. IMC act as commercial P&I and H&M correspondents in North America to several international underwriters. IMC’s client base in Asia has significantly grown since 1998 and the alliance with AVG will significantly increase IMC’s visibility and capabilities in Singapore, and Asia in general.

Established in 2020, AVG offers a similar suite of services as IMC, with particular emphasis on maritime compliance. With this alliance IMC can tap into AVG’s capabilities and regional network, to the benefit of their clients. in Asia and other regions. AVG will actively promote and support IMC and our clients in India & the Asia Pacific region.

IMC and AVG value and promote long term professional relationships. We understand that our success depends upon our sensitivity and responsiveness to our clients’ needs, coupled with a high degree of mutual respect and trust. Our established reputations and ability to consistently deliver the high quality work our clients have come to expect are the hallmarks of our service.

See Atul's Profile here.


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