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IMC-3M Supports Mariner Vaccination Initiative in United States

A Happy Patient!

The US government recently decided to make Covid-19 vaccines available at no cost to mariners on vessels calling in US ports. The IMC team, many of who have strong seagoing and/or medical backgrounds, is deeply committed to assisting companies employing eligible mariners obtain the vaccines. Unsurprisingly, there is a tremendous demand to get ship crews vaccinated and no shortage of individuals and companies seeking to profit on this effort.

IMC is working closely with the North American Maritime Ministries Association (NAMMA - and other caring and reputable organizations around the US coast to find ethical, practical and cost-effective solutions.

We are happy to provide, at no cost, advice to our clients on the best resources available in different ports. Should clients wish us to coordinate the entire process, which often requires considerable time and effort, we are willing to cap our fee at $750 per vessel. From the fee charged for each vessel’s crew vaccination we coordinate, IMC will donate $250 to the local seafarer's center or port ministry. We ask, but do not require, that our clients consider doubling that donation and sending $250 to NAMMA for each vessel that receives vaccinations. These are a charitable organization dedicated to supporting mariners in the USA, fully engaged in helping achieve the goal of getting as many seafarers vaccinated as possible, and these funds are badly needed to support their efforts. We're looking forward to helping as many mariners as possible get vaccinated to keep them safe and healthy.


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